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Pulse is an application that automatically changes your wallpaper (and so much more!) by downloading images from the Internet.  You choose the search and filtering options, Pulse does all the heavy lifting to get you the wallpapers you want! Pulse works on Windows 7/8 and OSX with Mono (tested on 3.2.3, beta support).

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Pulse supports these wallpaper providers:

So what can pulse do with these wallpapers?
  • Set them as your wallpaper (yes, this is optional, you don't have to use Pulse to set your wallpaper)  (Windows 7/8, OSX)
  • Change your Windows Logon Screen background (Windows 7 only)
  • Auto adjust your Windows Aero theme based off of your new wallpaper (Windows 7/8)

There are thousands of beautiful wallpapers to choose from, give Pulse a try and see.

System requirements
- Windows 7, or Windows 8, or OSX with Mono 3.2.3 (or later)
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or higher

Pulse Options Screen

Pulse Options

Wallbase Settings Screen

Wallbase Options

Having issues? Check the Known Errors page for solutions to commonly encountered problems. If you don't see the solution there create a discussion or submit an issue.

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Some other great Pulse features and options include:

  • by default chooses wallpapers that match your screen resolution
  • you can ban wallpapers that you don't want to see again and Pulse will immediately fetch a new one to replace it
  • search result and wallpaper caching makes loading wallpapers fast
  • use the Pre-Fetch feature to download all of the wallpapers returned by a search.
  • automatically change your wallpaper when Pulse starts up

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